Oh Boy.

So after weeks of inactivity I finally come up with something to write about. What is  it with brothers and their inability to let you date their friends? Last week I got interested in one of my brother’s closest friends and we traded numbers. My brother is three years older than I am, and I’m 25. Last time this happened was about 5 years ago and when my brother found out he didn’t talk to the guy for a month and half. So this time, I decided I would play it low and see if it would really happen for me and the guy before we brought my brother into the mix. Bad Idea.

They work together, not too closely, and are possibly going to live together in the future…anyways, it ended up blowing up. My brother was not too happy that we kept our chatting a secret and it took my parents and another friend to convince him it was o.k… then as soon as I think it has all blown over, and I try and apologize to my brother..the guy decides he just wants to be friends. Ugh.

No offense. But what a waste of time and resources. I guess there really wasn’t a good way to find out but it was still frustrating to the enth degree that we shook everything up with my brother and his friends for what now seems like nothing.

I will miss the kisses. I mean this guy and I definitely had some chemistry in that department! But all’s well that ends well I suppose. Back into the world of the fishes I go!


So last Saturday I had written this long posting on my iPhone App and just when I was ready to post, it crashed and lost my entire post!

I haven’t been up to much, I’ve been falling back into my well-known slump of not knowing what to do with myself. I think in theory it’s easy to make friends, but in reality it requires a lot more work! I think many times when I go out and try to meet people (not in bars, different activities) I find out they already have a group of friends they have had for a long time and don’t really want to branch out too much. That’s the one thing I miss about Europe, I was able to meet people easily and they seemed to be much more open about letting you into their lives.

I think it’s also harder as a single girl. Guys have so many more opportunities that won’t be construed a different meaning, it’s exhausting to try and just be straight with someone as a girl!

Anyways, enough about my problems. I’m waiting to hear back from a job interview that asked me back for a second one, but they’ve yet to schedule it. It will probably come sometime next week.

I’m looking forward to finally working again..don’t get me wrong, I love having the month off! But there comes a time when, if you don’t have friends available to distract you, it can get pretty boring. So I’ve been thinking about how to keep myself busy. I’m definitely a play first, work later kind of person. I struggle with it constantly, and I’m sure it will show quite a bit of maturity when I finally understand how to manage it. This is why I feel like the best way to ease myself off it is to find a job I  actually enjoy a lot and don’t feel like I’m sitting there taking my SAT’s again. haha.

Too bad you can’t be paid to be a consumer =)

The Hunger Games

So last night I buckled down and actually bought The Hunger Games on my Kindle Fire around 8pm. I was sooo tired from my day I was ready to sleep right then, but of course…as soon as I started reading it, I got sucked in! I actually even had french-braided my hair because I didn’t care about how it dried last night. I ended up staying up and finishing it till 1:10am. I’m super excited for the movie now! I know there are a few other books out in the series but I’m trying to pace myself.

This whole unemployed thing does wonders for your time management. It seems if I let one thing engulf my attention, I have seemingly lost an entire day! I did apply a few places yesterday before I became obsessed with the book. So I’ll have something to write on my unemployment, haha. I also got a call for an interview on Monday…it’s for Concierge Lounge attendant (part-time) and mostly evenings M-TH. Not bad days, considering I’d really like my weekends off! She mentioned I could pick up hours at the front desk if I was looking for them, since I have experience in PMS and AYS services. I’m sure it won’t pay me what I’m used to but I might be able to work it out to be only weeknights M-TH for concierge and mornings only at the front desk M-F as well….then I could still have weekends off!

I’m trying to get some inside info on how much per hour each makes. We’ll see…I might still do some side jobs every now and then for extra dough. Luckily my car payment will be over in three months and then that will be an extra $400 I WON’T need to be making. (now now, doesn’t mean I won’t be saving up for car expenses in the future…just…not for a little bit.)

Lunch out

Sooo I did go try the Noodle & Sake house, it was very nice! I ran some of the way there but my ears started to really hurt in the cold air so I got a little too distracted! I did enjoy my walk though, and even got a chance to stop off at the delicious Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on the way back =)
I am such a sucker for English Breakfast Tea Lattes!

Start of Something New

This may just be an attempt to find that one thing I can keep up with for longer than two weeks. But I’m kind of at a loss for a place to talk out my thoughts and not worry too much about who hears my dumb ones. I used to have a blog once, and I kept up with it for about a month or two straight! So here’s hoping I can keep this going at least that long…

Status at the moment:

Jobless, with no clear career choice in sight.

Currently juust about to receive my first unemployment check which much to my surprise is approximately what most people make on a modest paycheck! Good news is I no longer have to worry about being able to afford my rent and can continue nesting while looking for a job.

Attempting to self-diagnose my headaches and blurred vision. Recovering from a recent eye infection from contact-overuse and the Doc says my vision should return to normal soon. We’ll see.

Floundering around trying to figure out what to do with my old Europe trip memorabilia from 4 years ago.  I was leaning towards scrap-booking but quickly found out that S#!& is expensive to start doing from scratch. So I’ve started a new plan. Limiting myself to a few 16×20 floating frames, I’ve decided to artfully arrange the postcards & knickknacks and hang them. Still unsure if I want to hang or just rest on a shelf? Maybe I’ll post a picture and see what responses I get. Possibly none, since I’m only hoping people will stumble onto this blog…. =)


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