This may just be an attempt to find that one thing I can keep up with for longer than two weeks. But I’m kind of at a loss for a place to talk out my thoughts and not worry too much about who hears my dumb ones. I used to have a blog once, and I kept up with it for about a month or two straight! So here’s hoping I can keep this going at least that long…

Status at the moment:

Jobless, with no clear career choice in sight.

Currently juust about to receive my first unemployment check which much to my surprise is approximately what most people make on a modest paycheck! Good news is I no longer have to worry about being able to afford my rent and can continue nesting while looking for a job.

Attempting to self-diagnose my headaches and blurred vision. Recovering from a recent eye infection from contact-overuse and the Doc says my vision should return to normal soon. We’ll see.

Floundering around trying to figure out what to do with my old Europe trip memorabilia from 4 years ago.  I was leaning towards scrap-booking but quickly found out that S#!& is expensive to start doing from scratch. So I’ve started a new plan. Limiting myself to a few 16×20 floating frames, I’ve decided to artfully arrange the postcards & knickknacks and hang them. Still unsure if I want to hang or just rest on a shelf? Maybe I’ll post a picture and see what responses I get. Possibly none, since I’m only hoping people will stumble onto this blog…. =)