So last night I buckled down and actually bought The Hunger Games on my Kindle Fire around 8pm. I was sooo tired from my day I was ready to sleep right then, but of course…as soon as I started reading it, I got sucked in! I actually even had french-braided my hair because I didn’t care about how it dried last night. I ended up staying up and finishing it till 1:10am. I’m super excited for the movie now! I know there are a few other books out in the series but I’m trying to pace myself.

This whole unemployed thing does wonders for your time management. It seems if I let one thing engulf my attention, I have seemingly lost an entire day! I did apply a few places yesterday before I became obsessed with the book. So I’ll have something to write on my unemployment, haha. I also got a call for an interview on Monday…it’s for Concierge Lounge attendant (part-time) and mostly evenings M-TH. Not bad days, considering I’d really like my weekends off! She mentioned I could pick up hours at the front desk if I was looking for them, since I have experience in PMS and AYS services. I’m sure it won’t pay me what I’m used to but I might be able to work it out to be only weeknights M-TH for concierge and mornings only at the front desk M-F as well….then I could still have weekends off!

I’m trying to get some inside info on how much per hour each makes. We’ll see…I might still do some side jobs every now and then for extra dough. Luckily my car payment will be over in three months and then that will be an extra $400 I WON’T need to be making. (now now, doesn’t mean I won’t be saving up for car expenses in the future…just…not for a little bit.)