So after weeks of inactivity I finally come up with something to write about. What is  it with brothers and their inability to let you date their friends? Last week I got interested in one of my brother’s closest friends and we traded numbers. My brother is three years older than I am, and I’m 25. Last time this happened was about 5 years ago and when my brother found out he didn’t talk to the guy for a month and half. So this time, I decided I would play it low and see if it would really happen for me and the guy before we brought my brother into the mix. Bad Idea.

They work together, not too closely, and are possibly going to live together in the future…anyways, it ended up blowing up. My brother was not too happy that we kept our chatting a secret and it took my parents and another friend to convince him it was o.k… then as soon as I think it has all blown over, and I try and apologize to my brother..the guy decides he just wants to be friends. Ugh.

No offense. But what a waste of time and resources. I guess there really wasn’t a good way to find out but it was still frustrating to the enth degree that we shook everything up with my brother and his friends for what now seems like nothing.  But all’s well that ends well I suppose. Back into the world of the fishes I go!