This weekend, today actually, my best friend from college arrives into town!

Since college she’s found the love of her life (I was there for this part), married him (I was there too!), honeymooned in Europe, bought a house, had a baby (!), traveled a lot again, celebrated Vivi’s 1st birthday, and now she’s finally coming to California! So even though it used to be just her and I in a little 2 bedroom in Florida, now she’s bringing the whole gang out on a business trip of her hubby’s. Well, entertaining the trio will go a little different than how her and I used to have fun. So I have to scratch my little concierge brain for a few kid and family friendly activities for this weekend that still shows her the best Southern California has to offer. 

Good thing is she is still a big foodie, so I can take her to most of my local favorites! 

I figure we can start out with Breakfast at Queenstown Public House since they were staying downtown, then the Zoo on Friday.

Queenstown Public House main dining room is so goofy, I love it!

I’ll let her go back to the hotel to check out or pack her things up if necessary and then for later in the day I might see if I can stop by the Tidepools in La Jolla for Vivi’s enjoyment. Afterwards we will transport to my parents house in Carlsbad – I’m so new to the toddler age I have no idea what to expect. I’m assuming there will be a nap time in there somewhere, and I might see if I can sneak her away for a bit to head to the La Costa Coffee Co. shop for some afternoon java and girl-talk if the nap happens around my parents house rather than the hotel.

La  Costa Coffee Co. roasts right on the spot – which makes the whole room smell amazing! They have such a wide selection of teas it is perfect for both types of beverage =) 

That night I think we will eat in at my parents house, then Saturday morning either eat breakfast at home or check out Pipes Cafe in Cardiff by the Sea or VG’s Donuts since they’re right next door to each other. 

Pipes Cafe is the surfer’s paradise of breakfasts, laid back great service, excellent and large portions of food with a sweet beach vibe only a place two blocks from the ocean could have.

VG’S Donuts is well known in the famous circles as having THE BEST fresh donuts in north San Diego. I frequented this location quite a few times while living in Cardiff and every time it was worth the 4 mile walk! The frequency at which they run through the selection is astonishing, but it at least always guarantees a fresh batch is right around the corner.

Then maybe either stop by the Del Mar Racetrack or go to the Moonlight beach – whichever she is more prepared for. We will probably head back to the house afterwards, relax a bit and maybe just take them down the street to Ignite! which has a pretty good kid-friendly menu and happy hour for adults (which I’m pretty sure they don’t drink, but I DO! lol) Hopefully we make it back up to the house for Sunset, as my parents house has an excellent view of the lower Carlsbad and the ocean, can’t be beat if you ask me!