So this past weekend I flew to Lake of the Ozarks, MO for our biyearly family reunion. I wasn’t sure what to pack because the weather forecast said thunderstorms (oh boy!) but knowing mid west weather patterns I felt that could change a bit as the days go closer. Sure enough it only rained once! It was partly cloudy most of the time with one hour long torrential downpour on our way out. What a blessing!

Normally on these family reunions there is just a bunch of floating around and drinking and boating, but this time my dear father, in his competitive nature, made an all out game tournament. Everyone was just as excited as you can imagine. We had many minute to win it games, as well as some wet t-shirt swimming contests. We had a wide age group involved so we had to keep the games easy to play while still keeping everyone involved. A few ideas were vetoed along the planning route but most stuck. A last minute trip to good ‘ol Wal-Mart helped jog our brainstorming of course. The kids section was packed with near-dollar buy items we used to keep people involved.

A hula hoop game that ended up with one team member putting a bright red lipstick on their team leader from behind was the most popular! It was even better because the team leaders were all the dads! Then they played Pat, my grandmothers sister-in-law who’s 94 and still sharp as a tack in 21 for the win. She got a big smooch on her face by each lipstick clad man, and the next morning she still had lipstick in her hair which made it look like someone had added pink highlights!