Time Flies!

I do wish I had checked into this blog a few years ago so I could give the reader a better timeline, but time flies when you’re having fun right?

Bill and I have since gotten married, and looking back on these posts and the time we were together – it was like running the gauntlet sometimes! We’ve been married three months, and I swear sometimes I already forget. Not in a bad way – in a there’s no more pressure on us and we are just living our lives kind of way. It’s like when you’re trying to get engaged and planning for the wedding so you can get past that step and move on to your real life together you forget how small of a step it really is in the grand scheme of things. Let me tell you – my mother never let me forget I was in the most important thing of my life at the time! When we first got engaged – we even took pause and I moved out for a few months – just so we could make sure it wasn’t just pressure from all sides, and something we really wanted to do. We still were “dating” and “engaged”, and while it did make the beginning of our engagement bitter sweet – it was a much needed time for us to really make sure we were in this for what it really was. A partnership with your other half for the rest of your life. It’s very comforting to know your other half is in it to win it!

In the time we have been together – we have traveled more than I ever thought I would. If traveling is important to you – make sure you find someone that loves it just as much as you do – if not more! Reason I say this is Bill usually plans way farther into the future than I do, and this can help a lot when trying to plan a big trip on a budget. I probably wouldn’t have gone on half our trips, simply because I would have waited too long and been too distracted by our everyday lives to go through the effort to make them extraordinary. I only hope our wants level out and we can continue to go on trips when we get blessed with children. We have our honeymoon coming up and since we’re going to Vietnam we need to wait at least 3 months to conceive upon returning – pending of course a negative on a blood test for the Zika virus. These first new years of marriage will be interesting – you have to decide what things you are truly willing to compromise on to make your spouse happy. I hoped we would just do Japan and conceive on our honeymoon but because Bill really wanted to go to Vietnam as well on our trip – we need to chance waiting months longer to start a family. I think if I had a job I really enjoyed it wouldn’t hurt so much to wait this long. I’m pretty sure ever since I decided I wasn’t going to be a career girl all I wanted was to be a really hot/cool “soccer mom”. I feel like I will really nail all the things with having kids. I will also probably look back on this part of my post someday and laugh as my naivete. Oh well!

This month I have challenged myself to go to the gym more and save more money on groceries. So far I’ve gone triple my normal amount to the gym – which still isn’t saying much since I was never really a gym goer before, and I THINK saved on groceries. It’s hard to tell when you are used to buying staple grocery items and your parents end up buying you a bunch of food from Costco unintentionally. I will consider that one a win so far. My parents have also started visiting every 2-3 weeks, which is a blessing. Bill has a lot to learn about home improvement and I need to have people to appreciate my cooking and home making. Win-win so far there! This past visit they mentioned they would like a more comfortable bed – we were planning to upgrade our Queen to a King once I’m pregnant so it’s slightly sped up our timeline for a new large purchase. I remember now why getting our original Queen bed was such a fiasco. Bill will NOT do these things normally. He thinks there must be some crazy stupid reason beds cost so much and you really don’t need to spend that much on a bed to get a quality one. We got our Queen bed for under $500. I spent almost $200 on a foam topper. He is sending me options for under $1000 for a King….not sure if that’s an improvement or not. I’m trying to think of how expensive it’s really going to be as well, I mean with a new size bed comes new sheets, foam topper, comforter, bed frame, etc. so it’s really going to cost a lot more than just the mattress! I’m trying to hold onto my Home Goods part time job until we figure it out – supposedly this is the season all that stuff comes in on large truckloads and I hopefully can find something good in there.

It’s getting a little late in the morning so I need to wrap this up. I’ve been working for my dad lately on the side and what is it working for parents that is so damn hard sometimes. Sometimes they have such unrealistic expectations and there is absolutely no way you can get clarification or direction – or even a solid deadline. Or is it just my dad? I love him to death and want to make him happy but I don’t want to drive myself into the ground like he does when it’s not even a full time job. I don’t understand how there are no parameters for helping. I have to send him a report this morning, hopefully I can finish that up and get to the gym!



First of all, I’ve discovered there’s no rhyme or reason to blogging. It’s meant to be an outlet right? Well, I’m the kind that takes when I need it, and leaves it when I don’t. This is kind of one of those things for me.

Every once in a while I read some article that really gets the feels going, I’m impressed to say the least. Then I start thinking, “I could totally do that”, and “My words can be just as cool, right?” And thus, I blog. Not that it ever really goes anywhere…

I’ve found some cool places around San Diego that have me wishing I could spend more time here before I move…Bill and I have actually created a bucket list so to speak – and we’re doing quite well!

It includes the following:

Julian Apple Picking
Marine Room High Tide
SD Restaurant Week
Stone Brewery Escondido
Cabrillo National Monument/Lighthouse
Potato Chip Rock
Lake Tahoe Christmas Trip
Bear Republic PB
Mister A’s
Point Break Live
Hodad’s OB & Beach Day
Shabu Shabu
Great Maple
The Mission Brunch
Cinema under the stars
Patio on Goldfinch
Food Truck Fridays 57 Degrees
Carnitas Snack Shack

So far we’ve knocked off 6!
Julian Apple Picking was a hit, Marine Room was awesome, SD Restaurant week was delicious, Hollywood wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, Point Break Live was hillarious, and Carnitas Snack Shack was gluttonous.

I think I’ll have to knock one or two out this weekend for sure. I’m working mornings so I should be able to narrow down a cocktail hour or dinner =)

Mary’s Birthday Weekend

So this weekend was Mary’s, my boyfriends mother, birthday weekend and she flew out to visit with her husband Daniel. They stayed in Coronado as she did last visit, but this time at a sister Marriott property – The Coronado Marriott.  They had a lot of fun while they were here but I’d have to say yesterday was the best activity of their stay….Wine tasting in Temecula!





Family Reunion

So this past weekend I flew to Lake of the Ozarks, MO for our biyearly family reunion. I wasn’t sure what to pack because the weather forecast said thunderstorms (oh boy!) but knowing mid west weather patterns I felt that could change a bit as the days go closer. Sure enough it only rained once! It was partly cloudy most of the time with one hour long torrential downpour on our way out. What a blessing!

Normally on these family reunions there is just a bunch of floating around and drinking and boating, but this time my dear father, in his competitive nature, made an all out game tournament. Everyone was just as excited as you can imagine. We had many minute to win it games, as well as some wet t-shirt swimming contests. We had a wide age group involved so we had to keep the games easy to play while still keeping everyone involved. A few ideas were vetoed along the planning route but most stuck. A last minute trip to good ‘ol Wal-Mart helped jog our brainstorming of course. The kids section was packed with near-dollar buy items we used to keep people involved.

A hula hoop game that ended up with one team member putting a bright red lipstick on their team leader from behind was the most popular! It was even better because the team leaders were all the dads! Then they played Pat, my grandmothers sister-in-law who’s 94 and still sharp as a tack in 21 for the win. She got a big smooch on her face by each lipstick clad man, and the next morning she still had lipstick in her hair which made it look like someone had added pink highlights!

This weekend – Visitors with a cute kiddo!

This weekend, today actually, my best friend from college arrives into town!

Since college she’s found the love of her life (I was there for this part), married him (I was there too!), honeymooned in Europe, bought a house, had a baby (!), traveled a lot again, celebrated Vivi’s 1st birthday, and now she’s finally coming to California! So even though it used to be just her and I in a little 2 bedroom in Florida, now she’s bringing the whole gang out on a business trip of her hubby’s. Well, entertaining the trio will go a little different than how her and I used to have fun. So I have to scratch my little concierge brain for a few kid and family friendly activities for this weekend that still shows her the best Southern California has to offer. 

Good thing is she is still a big foodie, so I can take her to most of my local favorites! 

I figure we can start out with Breakfast at Queenstown Public House since they were staying downtown, then the Zoo on Friday.

Queenstown Public House main dining room is so goofy, I love it!

I’ll let her go back to the hotel to check out or pack her things up if necessary and then for later in the day I might see if I can stop by the Tidepools in La Jolla for Vivi’s enjoyment. Afterwards we will transport to my parents house in Carlsbad – I’m so new to the toddler age I have no idea what to expect. I’m assuming there will be a nap time in there somewhere, and I might see if I can sneak her away for a bit to head to the La Costa Coffee Co. shop for some afternoon java and girl-talk if the nap happens around my parents house rather than the hotel.

La  Costa Coffee Co. roasts right on the spot – which makes the whole room smell amazing! They have such a wide selection of teas it is perfect for both types of beverage =) 

That night I think we will eat in at my parents house, then Saturday morning either eat breakfast at home or check out Pipes Cafe in Cardiff by the Sea or VG’s Donuts since they’re right next door to each other. 

Pipes Cafe is the surfer’s paradise of breakfasts, laid back great service, excellent and large portions of food with a sweet beach vibe only a place two blocks from the ocean could have.

VG’S Donuts is well known in the famous circles as having THE BEST fresh donuts in north San Diego. I frequented this location quite a few times while living in Cardiff and every time it was worth the 4 mile walk! The frequency at which they run through the selection is astonishing, but it at least always guarantees a fresh batch is right around the corner.

Then maybe either stop by the Del Mar Racetrack or go to the Moonlight beach – whichever she is more prepared for. We will probably head back to the house afterwards, relax a bit and maybe just take them down the street to Ignite! which has a pretty good kid-friendly menu and happy hour for adults (which I’m pretty sure they don’t drink, but I DO! lol) Hopefully we make it back up to the house for Sunset, as my parents house has an excellent view of the lower Carlsbad and the ocean, can’t be beat if you ask me!


Let’s start this thing again

I know, I know. I’m right there with the “I told you so’s”!

I have been gone for quite some time – mostly due to a new job, two moves, relationship, adoptions and snowball of life tumbling down on me!

I’ll write about each one briefly today.

For now – I have become so much more aware of blogging than I was before! I have a few that I follow and will try to utilize the inspiration to keep myself going as well. I will try to focus on more local concierge activities in mine – I feel like the hair, makeup, product stuff is way overdone online. Being a former and current concierge for major hotel chains makes me naturally obligated to explore my surroundings and discover the best ways to experience food, culture and life in my city. I’m going to try and pass that experience onto you. If it seems lame down the line I can always go the traditional route later.

Love getting paid!

Love getting paid!

When I started this blog, I was unemployed for the first time in my adult life, and I was bored out of my mind! It astonished me on a daily basis that I qualified for Unemployment at the highest dollar amount, and that I was not even required to look for a job for up to a year!!! I wish now I had taken more advantage of the opportunity I was given. Maybe taken some time to volunteer or start something new on my own – without being “formally employed” I could have accomplished a lot and not had to worry about bills! Alas, everything happens for a reason. Perhaps I would not be in the fortunate situation I am now in, in love with the right man, and planning for such a successful future if I had not been so stubborn about finding work right away.

If there is one thing I learned from the experience, it’s that employment comes in many different forms. You don’t need to have a W-2 to prove you are working. You just need to have a purpose, a form of income, and proof you are learning and growing as an individual. My current and hopefully forever love, Bill, is a self-employed Equity Trader. I had no idea what that meant 2 years ago when I met him. I was so clueless about stocks and making money in the market that he had to give me a step by step layout of what he does on a daily basis for me to believe he was actually working and not just sitting on the couch everyday watching the most boring tv show ever. Oh naive little me. Now I know a little better, and the proof is in the pudding – we are moving into a new house at the end of this year! All the finance is coming from his side – we aren’t engaged yet and I have no money to speak of saved for a purchase like this. Which would be a big red flag to him except I also have no debt to speak of and good credit – evens out the odds hopefully!

First picture

Bill and I on our first date over two years ago, the Del Mar Fair!

Taken last week in Houston - Out to dinner with his parents.

Taken last week in Houston – Out to dinner with his parents. We were on a trip to Austin, TX – our new home come December!

Anyways, job or no job – things have moved on considerably well for me these past two and a half years. I’m very thankful for the job I have, and excited to see what opportunities come up next during our move. I’ll try to update a post once a week, I’ve found that’s a reasonable time frame to continue posting.

Here’s hoping I don’t drop off the face of the earth again! And here’s a picture of my kitten – Toby when about two months after I got him, he’s about 6 months old in the picture I think…

Toby baby

Toby baby

Oh Boy.

So after weeks of inactivity I finally come up with something to write about. What is  it with brothers and their inability to let you date their friends? Last week I got interested in one of my brother’s closest friends and we traded numbers. My brother is three years older than I am, and I’m 25. Last time this happened was about 5 years ago and when my brother found out he didn’t talk to the guy for a month and half. So this time, I decided I would play it low and see if it would really happen for me and the guy before we brought my brother into the mix. Bad Idea.

They work together, not too closely, and are possibly going to live together in the future…anyways, it ended up blowing up. My brother was not too happy that we kept our chatting a secret and it took my parents and another friend to convince him it was o.k… then as soon as I think it has all blown over, and I try and apologize to my brother..the guy decides he just wants to be friends. Ugh.

No offense. But what a waste of time and resources. I guess there really wasn’t a good way to find out but it was still frustrating to the enth degree that we shook everything up with my brother and his friends for what now seems like nothing.  But all’s well that ends well I suppose. Back into the world of the fishes I go!


So last Saturday I had written this long posting on my iPhone App and just when I was ready to post, it crashed and lost my entire post!

I haven’t been up to much, I’ve been falling back into my well-known slump of not knowing what to do with myself. I think in theory it’s easy to make friends, but in reality it requires a lot more work! I think many times when I go out and try to meet people (not in bars, different activities) I find out they already have a group of friends they have had for a long time and don’t really want to branch out too much. That’s the one thing I miss about Europe, I was able to meet people easily and they seemed to be much more open about letting you into their lives.

I think it’s also harder as a single girl. Guys have so many more opportunities that won’t be construed a different meaning, it’s exhausting to try and just be straight with someone as a girl!

Anyways, enough about my problems. I’m waiting to hear back from a job interview that asked me back for a second one, but they’ve yet to schedule it. It will probably come sometime next week.

I’m looking forward to finally working again..don’t get me wrong, I love having the month off! But there comes a time when, if you don’t have friends available to distract you, it can get pretty boring. So I’ve been thinking about how to keep myself busy. I’m definitely a play first, work later kind of person. I struggle with it constantly, and I’m sure it will show quite a bit of maturity when I finally understand how to manage it. This is why I feel like the best way to ease myself off it is to find a job I  actually enjoy a lot and don’t feel like I’m sitting there taking my SAT’s again. haha.

Too bad you can’t be paid to be a consumer =)

Long walk today

Today I went out to eat lunch and walked about 3 miles total, found a ‘healthy’ fast food/takeout place and got this item below. I have to say it was way better tasting than I ever expected it to be- with it being healthy and all. Go Me!

I love finding new places to try and always go on a budget the first time. I check in on Foursquare and Yelp to see if there’s any check-in deals. There usually is! This time was a free sweet potato french fries with burger order. I wasn’t too excited for a burger at the time so I saved it for the next time I go. This meal was only about $5 total! I loved walking back through the old Victorian homes on my way back to my apartment. Just getting out makes a world of difference to my perspective.


The Hunger Games

So last night I buckled down and actually bought The Hunger Games on my Kindle Fire around 8pm. I was sooo tired from my day I was ready to sleep right then, but of course…as soon as I started reading it, I got sucked in! I actually even had french-braided my hair because I didn’t care about how it dried last night. I ended up staying up and finishing it till 1:10am. I’m super excited for the movie now! I know there are a few other books out in the series but I’m trying to pace myself.

This whole unemployed thing does wonders for your time management. It seems if I let one thing engulf my attention, I have seemingly lost an entire day! I did apply a few places yesterday before I became obsessed with the book. So I’ll have something to write on my unemployment, haha. I also got a call for an interview on Monday…it’s for Concierge Lounge attendant (part-time) and mostly evenings M-TH. Not bad days, considering I’d really like my weekends off! She mentioned I could pick up hours at the front desk if I was looking for them, since I have experience in PMS and AYS services. I’m sure it won’t pay me what I’m used to but I might be able to work it out to be only weeknights M-TH for concierge and mornings only at the front desk M-F as well….then I could still have weekends off!

I’m trying to get some inside info on how much per hour each makes. We’ll see…I might still do some side jobs every now and then for extra dough. Luckily my car payment will be over in three months and then that will be an extra $400 I WON’T need to be making. (now now, doesn’t mean I won’t be saving up for car expenses in the future…just…not for a little bit.)